Robin Henkel Band with Horns, Featuring Whitney Shay and Billy Watson

Robin Henkel Band with Horns, Featuring Whitney Shay and Billy Watson @ Gator by the Bay Festival 2014

Robin Henkel, Ric Lee & Mama Tokus UK Tour June 2014

Here are some video clips from our UK Tour June 2014. email: website: email:                                website:

Robin Henkel Playing at BRCR

Robin playing our shop guitar -- The Mule, handmade by Matthew Eich. Robin won't be here in June since he is on a European Tour but will return to his monthly BRCR gig in July.

Robin Henkel Busker's

Here are the 7th Day Buskers performing Robin Henkel's tune "Busker's Bounce" at the Adams Roots Fest 2003. On stage are band leader Shawn Rohlf (guitar), Ken Dow (bass), Don Hickox (fiddle), Robin Henkel (Dobro i.e. National tricone) and Steve Peavey (mandolin) --Steve is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever had the opportunity to know and perform with, dig his comping and solo. Each member brought their own unique musical signature and personality to the band. With the direction of bandleader Shawn Rohlf and the support of some wonderful fans, the 7th Day Buskers kicked up quite a bit of dust in the San Diego area performing at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market, The Whistle Stop, Lamb's Player's Theatre and Lyceum Theatre as well as places in Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. They were loved and appreciated by many. Shawn Rohlf is one of the most prolific, kind of odd and different, but really interesting and excellent songwriters that I have ever met. Under his compositional guide the band started from bluegrass, but included influences of folk, Americana, Irish and even an acoustic rock attitude--from edgy and sometimes chaotic to delicate and sensitive. The 7th Day Buskers (kind of) broke up / disintegrated although they have from time to time reassembled when asked to play special shows such as the Summer Pops 4th of July Concert with Marvin Hamlisch. They are now survived by Shawn's present group "Shawn Rohlf and the Buskers." Go see 'em! Buy their records! Ya'll come back now ya'hear? Thanks for watching, Robin Henkel

Robin Henkel Band with Horns: Tonopah

Here's a swinging little tune I wrote and recorded back around 1998. I named it after the town Tonopah in west central Nevada which I visited in 1993. Since then I have developed a certain fondness for Tonopah and the surrounding area. I have returned to visit several times. It's like a contemporary throwback to the old West. From my perspective of living in a coastal city in California, there is something special about the small motels, the small town casinos, the trucks, the mines, the desert, and roads that go 50+ miles with no services. The Nevada towns Ely and Pioche are also two of my favorites. OK enough about that. As for the tune...well...there I go, trying to sound like Basie and Ellington again. I can't help it. There is so much swing, soul, sweet richness, depth and intelligence in their music. They have left a huge influence on me as well as American music and world culture. My thanks to the guys who recorded "Tonopah" with me--Dave Curtis: bass, Kevin Koch: drums, Doug Randall: hammond organ, Troy Jennings: baritone saxophone, Dave Castel de Oro, tenor saxophone, Cliff Morse: recording engineer, and Dan de la Isla mixing and mastering. A special nod of thanks goes out to our superb friend and talent Doug Randall who is no longer with us...but actually is still with us. Every time I play a shuffle or a boogie woogie groove on my gigs the influence of Doug is coming out of my fingers--the way I attack the guitar and that cool happy pocket is just part of the specialness of Doug that lives on. I can still hear him playing "Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar" and "Pig Foot Pete." Thank you all, Robin Henkel

Everybody's Pissed

Robin Henkel, 1929 National Tricone still in action

"Hawaiian Song" ... Ok, here's a new (6/25/11) recording of a tune from my 1999 CD release "Highway" ... I'm supposed to be making a demo of wedding march songs for a gig later this fall, but somehow I got distracted and wound up recording this peppy, swinging little ditty. I tried to keep the goofing off to a minimum but that was hard. Oh...almost forgot...this is E tuning-- E B E G# B E. Check out my CDs on ... "Steel Guitar Lounge" has the most steel guitar playing on it. Best always, Robin Henkel

Desert Cooking

How to cook a burrito in the Picacho Wilderness, (southeast California desert west of Yuma, AZ)