Robin Henkel  619 244-9409 (call, no texts please)
Lessons Location: 5959 Mission Gorge Rd, Room # 107, San Diego, CA 92120
Same building as The Blue Guitar, but not in the store.

$30 a half hour of private instruction, one lesson at the same appointment time each week, paid in advance by the month. If you want to be on my appointment calendar think of it like tuition--you forfeit for lessons missed so please think twice about booking unless you are serious about this.

What works: If you practice, play in a band, write your own songs, perform, jam with fellow musicians…your experience of being regularly involved with music will probably make the relationship between you and me terrific. If you are doing this stuff the information and guidance I have to offer has some place to land. You'll be one of the students that get what I'm saying and will be able to apply and use it.  

If you don't practice or engage yourself in playing music in some way, you may enjoy listening to me try to inspire and motivate you, but it's probably not going to help. And as a quality-of-life decision I have chosen to surround myself with students who are motivated--students who inspire me!  That's right…you have to inspire me and pay!  Ha!  I've been through all of this and have a lot to contribute to your growth and development as a musician, performer writer…etc.

What doesn't work: Just because you can afford lessons doesn't mean I want to sign you up. Seriously there are a lot of teachers you can learn from, and I will be right up front in saying that I will not be the best teacher for you unless you practice.  If you pick up a guitar once or twice a week and noodle around on it, any teacher can take your money, but you're probably going to be in the same place five years from now as you are right now.  If you play seven days a week for an hour or so, you are probably going to get better even if you don't have a teacher and even if you are just noodling around.  But if you're playing that often and are really into it, a teacher can probably help a lot.

I will try to teach you to play in rhythm.  I'm usually successful.  This is often the biggest single thing students are missing that would help a lot.  Many of my students praise me for this, and some of them don't like it. The ones that don't like it feel very challenged to have to actually listen closer than they ever did before and play WITH the metronome or drum machine…not just play while it's clicking but actually play with it.  Some people just feel this naturally. But for those who could use some help, my job is try to show you how easy and how cool it is--to coach you into a good groove.  After feeling a tiny bit challenged most students pick it right up and like it a lot.  It will be with you the rest of your life and will help you with any music you learn, practice or perform from that point forward.  It's part of what makes me passionate about what I do.