1965 Dodge Coronet, $5000  OBO

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Selling my 1965 Dodge Coronet. Odometer 85071, 318 poly V8, automatic 727, all glass is good, all trim is there, original i.e. stock condition not modified, a survivor, seats are somewhat torn up and are covered with blue moving padding.  Also included original receipt, repair records since the 1970s, 1960s shop manual (reprint), original owners manual.

I purchased it about eight years ago for $3500.  Since then I’ve put around $4000 into it —mostly improvements—new brakes, differential service, tie rod ball joints, shocks, newly rebuilt radiator (radiator is good), battery, alternator, tune ups.  It’s never broken down on me.

I prefer to sell this vehicle to someone who knows and respects these cars.  Someone who works on them and can keep it going.  Some rust near bottom of rear window (see photo), otherwise pretty good.  Original eggshell blue paint, small nicks and dents which are generally not visible until you get up close.  Passes the 20 foot rule pretty well.  Runs smooth and straight on the highway.

I want this car to go to a good home.  I will let you know everything I know that is wrong with it.

Drives good.  It you start it every other day, it starts right up.  If you let it sit for a couple of weeks it takes several revolutions but starts fine.  

Here's a checklist of things that could use attention.

1) Dome light doesn’t turn off.  Replaced the switch in door jam.  Still doesn’t turn off so the bulb has been taken out for the time being.

2) Back passenger door is difficult to close because the gear assembly in the door jam needs to be replaced or adjusted.

3) Cable from shifter on steering column to transmission works fine but needs to be adjusted. 

4) Floor panel beneath drivers feet hasn’t worn through yet, but it eventually will.

5) Compression is generally even except one cylinder is a bit lower.

6) A little oil seepage at head gasket near intake manifold.

7) Usually doesn’t smoke when you’re driving, but if you let it sit for a week or more then and start it up you’ll get some of the white/bluish stuff…then then a little more when you take off.

8) Sometimes the headlights don’t turn on right away.  They do come on after about thirty seconds or after twisting the headlight switch.  I don’t get it.

9) Heater does not work.

I love this car.  it makes me happy every time I see it.  I just have too much stuff and would like to clear some of it out.  I have three cars and a two car garage.  I’m not desperate and will wait for a buyer that I like.  

All the best to you and thank you.